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Red-tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis
L 22"(56 cm) W 50"(127 cm).

Song or calls:
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Loud, harsh downslurred “kee-ahrrr.”

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photo by Phil Swanson


Description: Sexes similar. Plumage variable. Dark brown above, usually light below with dark belly band. Rust-colored tail has a thin dark band near trailing edge, with a white band at tip of tail. Dark bar on leading edge of underwing. Immatures with gray-brown tails. Tails have several dark bands. Dark phase dark brown below with dark wing linings.

red tailed hawk
Habitat: A variety of habitats, usually a mix of open space for hunting and scattered clumps of tall trees to nest in.

Where in Nebraska: Uncommon summer or permanent resident across the state. More common in east. Common spring and fall migrant. Regular breeder.

Fun Facts: Red-tailed Hawks are the most common hawk often seen soaring by roadsides. Often uses old nests in alternative years.


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